Walk & Groom

Now you not only have to NOT sit in traffic to and from the salon, you DO NOT have to walk

your dog either! Brilliant!

This is how our Walk & Groom works:

~ The groomer comes to your house and will pick up your dog to walk and bond with

him for the first 30 min.

~ After your dog released his energy during the walk, he is now ready to calmly enter the

grooming truck and get his full grooming done as described in our "Services" tab.

He will receive a fabulous, wonderful, beautiful grooming all the time being happy as can be. 

~After the grooming, your dog is clean, fresh, and beautiful AND walked!

Cost: just an additional $20 (+ regular grooming fees for your dog)

Just mention "Walk & Groom" the next time YOU make an appointment with Doggie's Groom Mobile and live fabulously!

Participating in our Walk & Groom program for the first time? Please read our waiver here. You may download it and sign it prior to your first walk or ask your groomer to bring one to be signed at the first visit. 

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golden retriever