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Doggie's Groom Mobile is here! Woohoo!!

Doggie's Groom Mobile Rates:

Specific rates depend on breed, coat length, coat condition and temperament, but start from $135. We are a luxury service that bring convenience to you and comfort and joy to your dog. Forget the hassles of having to bring your dog to the salon, picking him up a few hours later, beating traffic, and add to that the dozens of benefits of having your dog groomed right at your doorstep! No cages, no other barking nervous dogs around him, loving and caring one-on-one environment, clean and sterile grooming areas... this is what you've been looking for all along! Doggie's Groom Mobile has been professionally grooming since 1999, we absolutely love what we do and deliver the best mobile dog grooming experience in the area... period!


Make the call! You and your dog will be happy you did!

For specific rates for your dog:

Call/ text (310) 922-0283 

Or Email:



Call or Text (310) 922-0283

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