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Our Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Hair cuts, partial trims, sanitary trim... we do it all. You just tell us how you like it and we do it, of course taking into consideration the condition of your dog's coat. Maybe you don't know how you want it. No problem! Let us suggest various options to you and you choose from there. 

We provide full body shaves. There can be various reasons why you'd like us to shave the whole body: lots of shedding, too many knots, your dog can't stay out of the pool, or simply because you like a low maintenance cut. Tell us where to leave some hair or no hair at all, and we'll make it happen!

Doggie's Groom Mobile, the red truck, is a full service, luxurious dog grooming salon on wheels that conveniently comes to you! From shaving down to full, great looking hair cuts, we do it all! Take a look below at our services which are all included in a full grooming (except Add-on services). Serving the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles county) mobile dog grooming has never been this convenient and fabulous! Uhm... did we mention that we come to you? 

Call or text us today at (310) 922-0283




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Hair cuts or Trim

Full Body Shave

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Clipping the nails

We've clipped thousands of nails over the years and we know exactly how far we can go with the clipping and how to calm your dog down. Nail clipping does NOT hurt and with the right care and little bit of extra love during those "scary" moments, your dog will start to think that nail clipping is a breeze!  

Expressing the glands
dog wash, dog bath, dog bathing, dog shampoo, bubbles on dog head

Bath with Shampoo & Conditioner

Contrary to other groomers that even use dishwashing liquids (!), we ONLY use the BEST pet shampoos that are natural and bio-degradable!! 

dog, dog ear, dog ears, cleaning ears, cleaning dog ears

Cleaning the Ears

Ear infections are extremely painful. Thoroughly cleaning the ears on a regular basis might prevent most ear infections. When we do suspect an ear infection, we will alert you of it so you can take proper action.

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Bows or Bandana

All dogs that enter our grooming van will leave with either fashionable bows or a fun bandana. You choose! During holidays and special events we always carry (a limited supply) of current bandanas. Bows come in a variety of colors and sizes. What would you like to see on your dog?

bulldog, dog, rear of dog, dog's behind, puppy

Expressing the glands

It's important to have your dog's anal glands expressed on a regular basis. When properly expressed your dog will stay fresher and smelling clean for longer. In addition, it will prevent most types of infections in the rear area. 


dog, terrier, dog with toothbrush, dog holding toothbrush, toothbrush, dog teeth

Brushing the Teeth

We can freshen up your dog's breath by brushing his teeth during grooming IF you provide us with a toothbrush and dental cream for your dog. That is of course if his temper allows us to do it. We will alert you of any oral concerns we might have with your dog. 

dog, wet dog, blow dry dog, hand blow dry dog, westie, west highland terrier

Hand Blow Dry

We blow dry our dogs by hand with top of the line pet dryers. No cages! During the drying process your dog will enjoy lots of kisses, sweet words, comforting and petting. He'll feel that he's in a spa!

dog, puppy, dog cologne, pet cologne, sharpei

Pet Cologne

Specially formulated pet colognes are like the cherry on the cake after a nice grooming. Some people prefer no cologne at all. If your dog has specific allergies or you don't want us to use pet cologne at the end of the grooming session for any reason, please let us know before grooming!

blueberry facial

Blueberry Facial

Yep, you heard it right: a blueberry facial for your dog. I know right?! It's delicious, it's soft, it's purifying, it's calming. Your dog will get that Ohhhh! Ahhhh... moment! And it's included in your full groom! You're welcome!

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